Monday, March 12, 2012

Small Blue Home

I am 16 years old.  The little blue Dodge Colt has been sitting by the barn for a year now.  It was meant to be my brother's, but now he lives with my dad full-time and because of some infraction on his part the car is now mine.  It's a stick shift.  I had an hour's worth of instruction about how to drive a standard in driver's ed, but I don't care about my blunders as I work the wheel and pick up a friend and lurch toward the city.  It is my birthday- the dead of winter, and I don't care how I make my get-away, I am free.

This car sees me to the city many times, most of the time drunk and high.  It is my time machine- taking me to places far from what I have known- making everything disappear into a muddled past.  I am willing to let my former days feel like ages gone by.

When spring comes, I park my car at the town beach and sleep in it.  I have clothes and snacks- most of which I have stolen.  I live in my car.  It's a step up from sleeping in the streets.  And that was a step up from being under my parents' roof.  

 Under my sleeping bag, on a cold Vermont morning and sporting a hazy hang-over, I realize this is not exactly paradise.  But, it is damn close.

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