Monday, February 27, 2012

The Minds of Babes

Brief Sexual Content

I am 10 years old.  It's Valentine's day.  Everyone brings cards and sometimes candy to school.   I brought one for everyone.  I made them out of paper towels because we really don't have any things to craft with.  I think they are creative.  My daddy says being artistic is my saving grace- at least I can do one thing okay.

My lungs are begging for breath upon arriving by hastened  foot.  I am late for school because I had to give my stepfather his Valentine.  I made him a card too.  He used it to wipe my face after.  I am worried that I have missed something, though I know the party won't start till after lunch.

We have all made paper pockets for the backs of our chairs for the receipt of our cards and candies.  Some kids' parents have sent in cupcakes and there is Kool Aid!  During this time we deliver our Valentines so that no one really knows who sent what unless they signed their name.  I am too shy- I didn't sign my name, but I am proud that my creations aren't the store-bought kind.

We are allowed to look at our cards after we clean the room up.  Some of the kids have so many cards and even some presents that their paper pouches are beginning to rip.  I didn't take mine off of my chair.  I sit at my desk quietly.  I have no Valentines to open.

Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety, Self-harm, Depression, Survivor, Survivor of childhood abuse, Post-partum depression and psychosis, OCD, Recovered memories, Repressed memories, Spousification, Stockholm Syndrome, Suicide, Teen Suicide, bullying, drug abuse


  1. dear cairn, had we met each other as children on a playground, i think we would have been friends and i would have left a valentine in your pocket. instead, we met as adults in a horse barn. healing and helping the horses in our care.

  2. Ah, yes, my barn friend :) You would have had just the heart to have done that- I will consider this the Valentine i never had <3