Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hi Blog Friends,

Please, please watch this video that my friend Patricia Mcknight has had a huge hand in . It is obviously here to raise awareness, and that it does.  It is brutal to see the images and might seem like "it could be toned down a bit", but I do not believe that is so.  Sometimes one has to scream and rant before anything gets done, especially when they have been quiet for so long.  I am speaking collectively for children and adults who are and have been abused I any manner and to any degree.  You cannot image the alarming statistics and the extent of the damage.  I cried long and hard and then watched this again to ensure that  will NEVER give up my fight to make a difference, somehow.

Also, please know my gratitude for your support here, dear readers- for the chance to have dialogue and understanding. Thank you for re-posting and sharing- getting those "stats" up means more awareness raised. 

Without further ado- the new video for Dreamcatchers and we want to get it out to everyone:

Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, PTSD, Anxiety, Self-harm, Depression, Survivor, Survivor of childhood abuse, Post-partum depression and psychosis, OCD, Recovered memories, Repressed memories, Spousification, Stockholm Syndrome, Suicide, Teen Suicide, bullying, drug abuse


  1. I watched.
    My first impression is that the American emergency is more efficace than the french emergency fortunately. It seems they are capable to come very fast which is a good way. Second impression is that the child which called and cry will be tortured in her minds for the rest of her Life. It makes me sad in regards with my own child experience as I told you Cairn. You can understand why I believe and trust in Women. I think the bad ways are provocated by the men attitudes, and the bad education from some parents which don't know the value of the respect, and the human rights. Fortunately, it seems the World changes day by day. I can see in Paris the teenagers, the boys, they are preocupated by their fashion, and their sweet manieries. But, I am not sure that they are capable to give some strong values to the their childs... Cause, Egoism is everywhere as I see around me. Sad sad sad World. Sorry for my bad english. Hugs and kisses.
    Sophie Cerda

  2. Hi Soph,
    I wonder if things have gotten faster since you were a child. I can imagine that every minute you waited must have felt like a year.
    I agree with all of your thoughts, especially that the world changes day by day.I am depending on that. I am doing my part.
    You English is perfectly understandable! Thank you, dear Sophie, for writing and sharing your ideas and thoughts.
    xoxo Cairn

  3. That video was very, very hard to watch for me. I will post it though, to try and help. I wish I was stronger but it just makes me so terrified for my children. I love them so much, I cannot imagine what would happen to my heart if someone ever hurt them more than they have already been hurt. After the incidents you know about, their father is on very thin ice and others know as well (teachers, counselors), as they should. This keeps me vigilant. Thank you. xoxo

  4. I know. I was sickened for days. People need to be slapped with this kind of stuff though. I was so afraid for my daughter for so long until i realized that I taught her everything i could about being safe and staying safe. As a young woman, she has had some near dangerous experiences and did all the right things. I am confident in her confidence. She knows my past and is probably hyper-vigilant. I guess i would rather that than oblivious. She and I see her friends do stuff all the time that could put them in a very bad position.

    In terms of how our children fair inside of our walls with their own family- we know how to protect them.

    Thank you for braving this video. I will watch it again and again and I will push it on people too, because it is the only way to get things going.
    XOXO CAirn