Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get This

Fasten your sensibilities- this will not be easy stuff to read. These are stories from my childhood. Get this....


  1. Courageous. Good for you, Cairn.

  2. Cairn,

    Your stories of pain and mental anguish hopefully, now that you can tell them openly, will be a catharsis for you. That is my prayer. I hope someday I have your strength to do the same.

    Richard Wilson
    Friend of Roger's since before time.

    1. Richard,
      I thank you for your prayer. It is my hope that telling my stories will help others to see that there doesn't need to be shame for all of one's days. I know that shame plays its part in the realizing of the offenses and the heinous start of the healing process, but I feel it should be entertained only briefly. I did not do these things. He did them. My family and it's toxicity can only be neutralized if I do this. We didn't ask for this, did we? But, we certainly do have to clean up the mess, lest the rest of suffer the sour milk.
      Believe it or not, I tell these stories with joy. I am free now and every breath and every moment is a gift.
      That is my prayer for you. I am always here to talk with.
      Any friend of Roger's is a friend of mine, before time and forever more.

  3. Cairn,
    My heart is broken. I had no idea. I wish I had been old enough and been living close enough to be able to see what was happening to you. I wish i could have been your loving aunt and able to take you away from your nightmare into a truly loving home. I am here for you now. THANK YOU ROGER for helping beautiful Cairn out of the hell.

    Now I know why I was always kept out of the loop when it came to family. I will message you my contact info thru fb. I love you beautiful niece. I am proud of you for getting this out! No one had the right to put you through these horrors